Daniel St George — Los Angeles

daniel@thebosscat.com   212 203 1412

— UI UX Digital
  1. Reason
  2. Veeva
  3. IBM Live
  4. IBMxTWC

— Print
  1. Berggruen
  2. Reason
  3. Armark

— Strategy
  1. R+Co

— Illustration
  1. Nike
  2. Old Navy

— Brand Interior 
  1. The Weather Channel

Award-winning Design & Creative Director with vast experience working with startups, marketing agencies, and world-renowned brands on visual storytelling, global branding, product dev, & 360° consumer experiences.


Reason Brand Digital UI UX and Social Media

Designed and developed digital to support marketing and PR activities: website, social media, lookbooks, emails, ads, and collateral. Created Reason’s Social Media aesthetics and concepts in collaboration with the Social and Community Manager.

Date: 2015
Client: Reason Brand
Role: Design, Art Direction, Copywriting


Veeva Website Refresh

Veeva is a cloud-computing company focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. With a platform spanning multiple products cross the drug development process and sales.

Veeva required a comprehensive website system, with a contemporary look and feel, while leveraging the brand identity and color palette. Upon meeting with clients and assessing their needs, I helped create visual language and module system that scaled across all 43 products and application suites. 
Date: 2018
Client: Veeva Systems
Role: Design, UI, UX, Art Direction, Visual Strategy, Copywriting


IBM Live Event App

The ‘IBM LIVE’ event app brings the IBM event experience directly to the attendees’ mobile. The app provides them with an array of features and personalized information, that will enhance every moment of the event experience. It delivers insights, helps to connect and maximizes the attendees’ event experience.

Date: 2017
Client: IBM
Role: Art Director, Design, UI, UX


IBMxTWC Cognitive Dashboard

The Weather Channel and IBM Watson have engineered a cognitive-powered platform propelling the world forward by empowering individuals and businesses to make better, smarter decisions. Branding the new 92,000 square foot Headquarters in Atlanta to celebrate IBM's spirit of innovation that is empowering communities of users and developers. Featuring, an interactive lobby wall that visualizes The Weather Channel's API.

Date: 2017
Client: IBM & The Weather Channel
Role: Design, UI, UX, Concept


Berggruen Institute The Transformation of the Human

The Berggruen Institute develops new ideas to shape political, economic and social institutions in an era of Great Transformations. Humans have historically defined themselves by contrast to machines and animals, by having language and intelligence, and by the idea of a soul. Just as earlier changes such as the evolution of language, literacy, and better nutrition changed what it means to be human, so are new technologies changing our material realities and thus destabilizing old definitions of the human. The ask to reimagining a unique modern covers and interior design language for Berggruen Institute's web, digital and print of papers, books, and reports.

Date: 2018
Client: Berggruen Institute
Role: Creative Director, Design